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Test Overview

The Express Gene™ Prenatal Paternity Test is a revolutionary non-invasive genetic test that allows for the determination of paternity during pregnancy. By analyzing fetal DNA found in the mother’s blood and comparing it with the DNA sample from the alleged father, this test provides a reliable way to confirm paternity without the risks associated with invasive procedures. This test offers peace of mind and clarity for expectant parents, helping them make informed decisions and prepare for the future.

Key Features

Our prenatal paternity test ensures an accurate and safe determination of paternity before the baby is born. Utilizing advanced genetic sequencing technology, the test delivers highly reliable results without the need for procedures like amniocentesis, which can pose risks to the fetus. The process is simple and stress-free, involving just a blood draw from the mother and a cheek swab from the alleged father. With this non-invasive method, you can obtain clear answers about paternity early in the pregnancy, ensuring both the mother’s and the baby’s well-being while providing the necessary information for family planning and legal considerations.

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