Express Gene™ Paternity & Relationship Test

Test Code: 010A
User Type: Patient
User Type: Provider

Test Overview

Our Express Gene™ Paternity & Relationship Test is designed to provide clear and definitive answers regarding paternity and other biological relationships. Utilizing advanced genetic testing techniques, this test can accurately determine if there is a biological link between individuals, offering peace of mind and clarity in familial situations. Whether you need to confirm paternity, establish sibling relationships, or understand other family connections, our test delivers precise and confidential results.

Key Features

Experience the utmost accuracy and reliability with our cutting-edge genetic analysis methods, ensuring that your family-related inquiries are answered with confidence. Our test boasts a high degree of precision, minimizing the chances of error and providing you with trustworthy information. The easy-to-use test kit includes everything you need to collect DNA samples discreetly and conveniently, with results available promptly to help you make informed decisions about your family relationships.

Test Options

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