Express Gene™ Pain-Management-Focused (Pain-PGX) Panel – Provider

Test Code: 040D

Test Overview

Genetic testing specifically designed to optimize pain management by assessing your genetic response to various pain medications. This test provides personalized insights into how your body processes and responds to pain medications, helping to improve pain relief and minimize side effects.

Key Features

The Pain-PGX panel tailors pain management plans based on your unique genetic profile. By analyzing genes that affect drug metabolism, sensitivity, and efficacy, this test aids healthcare providers in selecting the most effective pain medications and dosages for you. This ensures better pain control, reduced risk of adverse reactions, and enhanced overall treatment outcomes.

By providing detailed genetic insights, the Pain-PGX panel helps in developing personalized and effective pain management strategies. This genetic test is an invaluable tool for both acute and chronic pain conditions, ensuring that your pain management plan is both safe and effective.

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