Express Gene™ Inherited Disorders (Inherited) Panel

This extensive genetic test aims to identify inherited genetic disorders within a family, providing critical insights into genetic health. By analyzing specific genes known to be associated with inherited conditions, this panel helps pinpoint genetic mutations that can be passed down through generations. This test is instrumental for families with a history of genetic disorders, enabling proactive health management.



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Our results are easy to read with clear visuals and simple language, making it effortless to understand your health information.


We ensure precise and reliable results through advanced genetic technology and rigorous quality checks, giving you confidence in your health insights.


Your results are tailored to your unique genetic profile, providing personalized recommendations and relevant, actionable information for your health journey.

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You can browse through our test catalog and offerings to find the most suitable test for your needs right from the comfort of your own home.


Once you’ve selected the appropriate test, we’ll provide you with a sample collection kit along with clear instructions on how to collect your sample


Our team of verified professionals will analyze your given sample using state-of-the-art technology and advanced genetic testing methods.


Once the analysis is complete, you’ll receive your test results along with a detailed and easy to understand report outlining all genetic insights found

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