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Test Overview

The Express Gene™ Human Papillomavirus (HPV) panel is an RT-PCR-based test designed to accurately detect multiple types of HPV. This comprehensive test is essential for identifying high-risk HPV strains that are associated with an increased risk of cervical and other cancers. It provides healthcare providers with the necessary information to manage and treat HPV infections effectively, promoting better patient outcomes and preventive care.

Key Features

The HPV panel includes detection of a wide array of HPV types, specifically HPV 16, HPV 18, HPV 31, HPV 33, HPV 35, HPV 39, HPV 45, HPV 51, HPV 52, HPV 56, HPV 58, HPV 59, HPV 66, and HPV 68.

By covering these multiple high-risk HPV types, the Express Gene™ HPV panel ensures thorough screening and early detection of potential cancer-causing HPV strains. This facilitates timely intervention and appropriate medical management, reducing the risk of progression to cervical cancer and other HPV-related diseases.

The Express Gene™ HPV panel is a vital diagnostic tool for clinicians aiming to provide proactive and personalized care for their patients, enabling them to take preventive measures and address HPV infections with precision and confidence.

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